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What People Are Saying:

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    Joy D., Teacher

    Christopher Hampton graced the Sixth Graders of McGinley School with his inspiring presence on Jan. 8th 2016.  It was a wonderful way to experience our first Friday of the new calendar year. He told students the all important message to believe in their dreams and to dream big. He left them realizing that, although they are children, if they just put their minds to it, there is no limit to what they can do and who they can become, He told them to "strive for greatness". He also gave them caution of what not to do. For Instance, "do not think ordinary, do not do ordinary" and "do not settle". His energy was high and sustained throughout his visit. He rewarded the children for their engagement with prizes, which added to the fun. He kept them completely engaged from start to finish. The children felt like champions when Chris finished speaking with them.   

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    Tammy L. Huster, MAS, RN, LNHA, CDONA

    Joint Replacement Institute, Voorhees NJ

    Chris Hampton is a dynamic and charismatic speaker. He has a keen ability to connect with his audience, and his ability to motivate one is exceptional. When I listen to Chris speak, I am immediately energized and feel compelled to take action in my life. Whether he shares personal stories, or provides encouragement, he brings you on a journey. I feel fortunate when I get to hear him speak, and I know others will too.

  • Hev Saing, MSc, PMP

    Speaker, Author of 'Your Differences Are the Key to Your Success' 

    "Christopher Hampton is a great motivational speaker. I was lucky to have the chance to listen to his speeches a few times. His message is very inspiring and motivating. I loved his story and he kept me on the edge of my seat during the whole speech."

Join The Conversation:

So What’s Chris Hampton All About?

Watch The Video Below on Trading Potential for Results

Take A Glimpse Inside The Topics

5 Keynotes Specialized for Your Group:

  1. Releasing the Champ I Am: .Everyone has a well of potential sitting dormant awaiting the catalyst to release the I AM Factor. Chris will show you how to find the catalyst, posses it, and OWN it. The key to the next level in life is releasing yout inner champ into the world.  You ARE a FORCE to be reckoned with!
  2. I'm Too Big For This House!!!!:  You have the potential for Greatness!  You have the choice to pursue, confront the unknown, build your life, or accept status quo. Don't become rooted in a shack! Get uncomfortable with acceptance and create the life you were destined to live!
  3. Rising From the Slump:. Everyone faces a slump', sometimes a downward spiral, where things aren't quite working out, not meeting goals or quotas. See how slumps are created! Learn how to identify, minimize, navigate, and motivate through the slumps, and turn back into success...
  4. FEAR Smackdown (WWE): Still haven't started your business? How about getting that degree? Something is stopping you DEAD in your tracks, keeping you from pursuing the vision for your life. Learn the real threats stopping you from creating success, achieving more money, and creating the life you were destined to have.! Take away practical, and immediately implementable steps to take you to the next level..
  5. Surviving the Slump: Targeted for Sales Professionals and those who must build their client funnels.  For Corporate teams and groups. Everyone faces a 'sales slump', sometimes a downward spiral, not meeting goals or quotas. See how slumps are created! Learn how to identify, minimize, navigate, and motivate through the slumps, and turn back into success..

About The Speaker

Christopher Hampton has over 20 years of sales/service leadership experience. He is the founder of Impacting Word Enterprises. Chris enjoys challenging and motivating entrepreneurs, sales and service teams as well as youth, corporate and volunteer organizations to break out of their comfort zones. Empowering and equipping them to release their inner Champ. Chris has been called a motivational teacher. He is sought after for his ability to present life changing messages in an inspirational, entertaining, empowering, and educational style.
Chris has conducted sales, financial, leadership training and workshops on a regional level for companies like: Transamerica Life Insurance, Monumental Life Insurance, PFP Services, Internal Revenue Service (Philadelphia), Victorious Business Professionals, Camden County College, Emerging Speakers Bureau..

Chris also has a heart for the students at the junior high school to the college levels. Challenging them with a message to live their lives on purpose, pursue their passions. To live their lives by vision and not by sight. Everyone has an inner Champ. Chris is committed to help you release the Champ­I­Am in you.

Chris Hampton specializes in customizing presentations to fit your group demographics.

He also has a Youth Development track, specializing in leadership, personal development and entrepreneurship.

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